From concept to realisation – Deloitte Leadership Acamdey

So work has launched it’s Leadership Academy which is effectively “a unique online learning management and networking solution that develops the management and leadership skills of Senior Executives and connects them within a community of business leaders”. I was a part of the early stages of requirements gathering and vendor selection and found the process quite enjoyable – right up my alley. In true web 2.0 way,  I did a landscape analysis and found (not surprisingly) Atlassian’s Confluence to be the best platform.

I like seeing my work actually drive a concept and realise it into something material – great job!


TEOT and Enterprise 2.0 @ Podtech

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Newest in Plain English: Google Docs

Top End of Town (TEOT) Paying Attention to Web 2.0?

You think that the TEOT isn’t paying attention or embracing to Enterprise 2.0?

“Morgan Stanley has 70 to 80 Web 2.0 projects underway, many involving creating online communities with clients and wikis”

and at Pfizer

“small band of Web 2.0 champions, who met over lunch to develop plans for the Enterprise 2.0 efforts, held a week-long conference for company employees last November to discuss how blogs, wikis and social networking could be used at Pfizer. There were 300,000 hits on the conference web site, which broadcast the event live, and offered blogs and podcasts to employees worldwide.”

Web 2.0 in a few minutes

For those who missed out on my presentation at Links and want to know WTF Web 2.0 is, this is a great summary:

Web 2.0 and Consulting Presentation

Here I am on the train thinking about how my presentation will go tomorrow during our monthly consulting meeting discussing “an overview of Web 2.0 and an in-depth look at Wiki’s and their role in Consulting”. So, I was thinking about the overview part and though that there was only one way to show them – ASK CHARLIE! How Charlie bucks the trend of consulting, and professional services firms alike, is that it doesn’t bloat the audience with too much crap on the screen. It is also a narrative, in that the audience becomes immersed in the story of a character and is subliminally learning about real messages that mean something to them.

I think it’s a great way to present, some other tips that I learn were from the “How I made my presentations a little better” page.

Anyhow! Wish me luck!

Collaborating about Collaboration

So I was sitting at the client site minding my own business and doing some work. A guy I sit across from (whom I’ve never spoken to before – also from a professional services firm) had permanent employee come up to to him and say ‘I want to manage my emails, archiving things from the same topic, from the same people, all that kind of stuff’. So I wanted to open my mouth and say ‘uh – email isn’t version control’ but I bit my lip and decided to listen. Turns out that these two guys are working in Architecture, and are looking at ‘collaboration’ (this is seriously becoming a buzz word) and how their business can leverage a Information Management plan that was developed. Vignette, Sharepoint, Documentum, all these big shops were being thrown around. ‘Manage our files in spaces and start collaborating’.

I left them talking and when the permie left I decided to talk to him about what he thinks about collaboration (ironic how we’d never spoken to each other in the 4 weeks I’ve been there, but we start discussing collabration ;). I started asking him questions about Enterprise 2.0 technologies, a simple thing like a blog and RSS feeds. He had never heard of these things before. A few things that I had taken out from today’s meeting?
1. Architecture and Collaboration are really related! This is the second client I’d been to where collaboration was being managed by Architecture
2. How known is Enterprise 2.0? Is there a reason why professional services firms are consulting on areas where this technology is SUPPOSED to be in?
3. The cultural shift for employees and enterprise 2.0 is pretty big – people need to shift their mindset from reacting to email to being proactive in a ‘space’

Point 3 is an observation that I made from this client. Very old school IT shop – I’d only envisage business units to really embrace this technology if they had undergone an effective change management plan.