Washington DC, Washington

We spent 2 days in DC and I found it a really nice place to understand a bit of America and American history.

  • White House
  • Capitol Hill – we got to watch a session in congress!
  • Vietnam and Korean war memorial
  • Lincoln memorial – my favourite momument. We spent quite a bit of time heres sitting at the steps where Martin Luther King Jr made history. It was a tranquil spot that people spent sitting and reflecting.
  • International Spy museum
  • museum of natural history
  • Air/space museum
  • Chilli dog’s (“Ben’s”) owned by Bill Cosby. We were intially going to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant but it was pissing down raining and we couldn’t eat outside in the rain. So we had a beer and ran across the road for some amazing chilli dogs. (Half smoked was awesome)
  • Adam’s Morgan – pretty cool party place with a lot of bars and clubs

Things I didn’t see but wanted:

  • Holocaust
  • Black history

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We had originally planned on 1 night in Philly, but we ended up staying two. We got in at night and went straight to Geno’s for the “world famous” Philly Cheese Steaks. This has got to be on of the most unhealthy things I’ve EVER eaten. It’s essentially shreaded beef and cheese thats from the bottle in a bun. I had 1, Christian and Limo had 2. Watching them eat it almost made me sick!

  • Liberty Bell – quite uneventful.
  • Rocky stairs – the stairs that rocky ran up is at the museum. We laughed at everyone taking the photo with two hands up in the air
  • All you can eat mussels for $25 – I had 3Kgs of mussels. Eating it took me back home to the Belgium Beer Cafe (The heritage) in Sydney.

New York City, New York

Before hitting New York we drove to the New England area – Cape Cod, really scenic drive with amazing houses.

A massive, massive city with heaps to do and not enough time. If I was to come back to the US and work it would be here. There’s a vibrant subculture life and lots of interesting things to do and see (although Limo and I spent most of our time shopping). We stayed in a place in lower Manhattan. Picked up a funky little studio apartment from Craigs list for about $40 a night – perfect location and a dirt cheap price. Joanne, the owner, lives there too but rents it out when she can to tourists like ourselves. Located between China town and little Italy, it was a great place to call base.

  • Greenwich village – a dive bar area with a lot of people to keep the place interesting. Beer pong was being played with Miller lite in hand.
  • Shopping – we spent a good 3 days shopping. Soho and 5th Avenue were ridiculous with a mix of boutique stores and large chain retailers. Soho was a huge version of Surry Hills.
  • There was a store for Pharrell’s brand “Ice cream” – cool concept store/
  • Wall street – who could go past the street where a lot of history has been made. Pictures of the bull had to be taken.
  • Battery park, where you can see the statue of liberty, is a must do. We walked down and hung out in the park for a while – the was really hot and we needed the time to chill out.
  • Big Black Pussy Cat – an awesome bar with a live band. Mix of percussion and electric instruments doing RnB, soft rock and electro covers.
  • Time Square was amazing. I first got out of the subway and my senses just went on overdrive. Neon signs, burnt bagels, the weather and people scurrying around made me feel really weird!
  • Roof bar on top of the Mariott was surprisingly really nice – indoor/outdoor bar with RnB beoing played and great drinks.
  • Plan B – a hole in the wall club. It didn’t look too flash at first, but when we got in we had a blast (thanks Kristen and Cindy).

The general atmosphere in NYC is electric. There’s a buzz that I can’t explain but it’s in the people. Yes some people can come across as snobby, but they are generally okay. We sat watching a guy shooting hoops on the street courts and he made a basket. Random guy walks past and yells “Money! Like them Celtics” – that would have never happened in Australia.

Garreth has left us to go back to work….

Boston, MA

We got caught up in Houston as Continental airways delayed our flights. We had scheduled 3 days in Boston, which ended being 2. However, we did get a free nights accomodation, food vouchers and a free return flight to anywhere in the US =).

Boston was a very different city, but was the closest to Sydney. A modern city with historic reminents scattered throughout the city.


  • “Industry night”, Monday night clubbing for people in the bar/nightclub industry! We had a blast and they played my top 10 songs – in a row!
  • Clam Chowder, Boston is known for Clam Chowder and I had it for brunch AND dinner! It’s thick soup with bits of clam
  • “The Departed” golden roof – remember that Golden Rooftop that Matt Damon can see from his apartment? It’s in Boston.

Lack of posting and photos

Updates have been lacking because of a lack of Internet access and the fact that we’ve covered 1,024 miles in a few days.

No photos  because limo lost his camera and I can’t seem to get photos off mine!

Anyways, I’ve been writing notes offline….

Shopping adventures of Will


  • Dress shirt and leather jacket

Banana republic:

  • Dress shirt
  • Trousers (for the wedding)
  • 2x basic T’s
  • Onitsuka’s
  • Zoo York T


  • True Religions (Great value!)
  • AG’s

Urban outfitters:

  • Haviana’s
  • Hooded Cardi

College stuff:

  • T-shirts from Berkley, USC, University of Texas (UT), Harvard
  • UT sweat pants
  • Samonite Duffel (the best buy!)
  • Abercrombie & Fitch sweater
  • GAP College boy shorts

Wish list:

  • Work, dress (black and brown) and running shoes
  • Matching belts forshoes
  • More college shirts (Harvard?)
  • Boston championship T-shirt
  • Dress Jacket
  • Apple Mac Mini

Things I love and things I loathe about the US (so far..)


  • Free wireless internet, almost ANYWHERE – yes, I am a nerd.
  • Touchless toilets and toilet seat covers – the taps, hand towel dispensers and the flush system is completely touch free (all run on sensors)
  • Texan hospitality – we met a lot of people in Austin and Houston, and they took time out of their lives to take us out. Thanks to Patricia, Thuanly, Vivien, Grace, Chris, Jamie, Nancy, Cameron and Ashley – it was the people that made Texas one of the best places I’ve been to so far
  • Satellite radio – almost 100 channels of music by genre on Satellite frequency. It shat all over my ipod
  • The tipping system – you either hate it or love it. Personally, I think it’s a great system that makes great customer service
  • Factory outlets – more on my shoppin adventures later.
  • Whole foods – awesome food outlets that are stocked with healthy organic food
  • How everyone loves our Aussie accent


  • Frat boy / Sorority girl attitude – they really do think their sh1t dont stink
  • Regular retail price does NOT include taxes
  • Food – the difficolty in getting healthy food is ridiculous
  • Watching parents feed their kids with jumbo sized cokes at 8/9am