Day 1: Singapore transit

I caught an early flight this morning so I’m pretty tired atm – I’m in transit in Singapore en route to Bangkok and have a 3 hr stopover, Apparently it’s not long enough to go to the city and back so I’m killing time at Changi.

The flight was pretty good with some really good exit seats – thanks Dianne! The meals were great – I never thought that plane food would be so good! I watched a few movies on the way here (fast and furious 3, Click and You, Me and Dupree) – loving the private movies ‘on demand’.

Some interestig things that I’ve come across at the airport:
– Free internet, something Australia hasn’t caught on to yet
– Free local calls with VoIP desks
– Free massage chairs (pics will follow!)
– An entertainment area (which I am near, there are heaps of couches with people lounging about watching at least 30 plasma’s!)
– A crapload of shopping

It’s easy to see why Changi is one of the best in the world.

Anyways, my 15 mins is coming to an end – SE Asia, here I come!