Day 18, 19 & 20: Phuket, Thailand

Okay, so I’ve been pretty lazy in updating my blog, but I’ve just had Rob come up from Singapore on day 18! I moved into this really cool guesthouse called PU (name of the first owner) J-Lo (Pu thinks she looks like J-Lo) 401 (the room where she met her husband… yes, very shonky). It’s a really cheap place with a great Aussie owner, he’s been letting me check email for free here! I highly recommend this place to any budget traveller (its 600THB a night).

30/11/2006 – Day 18:

The night before I had a pretty big night with Tom at the Aussie Bar (.. again) just had some drinks, played pool and celebrated the last time we’d be hanging ou. I woke up to the ring of my phone as Rob called me from the airport telling me he’d had arrived – boy did he get the culture shock. He got in, checked into the room next door to mine and we made our way to Patong Beach for a day of relaxation and tanning (for Rob, blackening for me). We did a bit of walking around the Patong area, picked up a few DVD’s and just made our way back to the guesthouse. Had dinner at the renowned “Sweet Resturant” and went exploring in the shops. When I say IN the shops, I mean INSIDE some secret backroom which every shop has, it’s where they keep their really good knock-offs, but the stuff ain’t that cheap! ($70AU for a knock of watch). Anyhow, we decided to have an early night as we knew we’d be having a big day the next.

1/12/2006 – Day 19:

Today was an AWESOME day. We hired step through motorbikes for 200THB ($8AU) and decided to ride around the south of the Phuket island, the views were stunning! I got off to a shaky start having gone straight through an intersection and hitting another bike (slowly of course) on the tire. A grazed toe and skinned knee later I got back on the horse and decided to soldier on. I mastered the art of riding these bikes in an hour! We went up and down mountains, winding roads that overlooked beaches and cliff faces – It was phenomenal!


One of the highlights of the day trip was going to an elephant rehabilitation centre where we went for a 20 minute elephant ride. It was an experience that I would recommend to anyone coming to Phuket Island!

Elephant riding with rob

We finished the ride and got back to the guesthouse around 5:30pm (before sunset, riding at night is suicide, apparently). I introduced Rob to Aussie Bar that night, and it was a HUGE night, Rob ended up having a yak before he went to bed, hehe.

2/12/2006 – Day 20:

Today was totally bizarre! I woke up and got downstairs when Ian (the guesthouse owner) told me that a girl and guy had come in looking for me – it was Jo from Bangkok! She booked herself in with the Swede boys (Love, yes that’s his name.. and Tibias) we had met and her friend Marcel. Rob and I decided to ride up the north this time, and we got stuck in some country villages full of locals, Rob got pretty scared – being white and all, apparently I just look like one of the locals, until they see my moe and hairy legs, heh. We got back and decided to grab dinner with the whole crew, at Sweet Restaurant! Like many farang (foreigners) we over-ordered, and it had only cost us $8AU! The night ended up at Aussie Bar again when I had a pretty bad night, worried about SOMEONE!


1 hour of sleep last night, Rob left early this morning and I’m on my way to Koh Samui! Will update shortyly!


Day 15 & 16: Patong (Phuket), Thailand

Had a massive night last night and we met a few more Aussies – FROM SEFTON! Crazily small world, Danny and Tom live really close to me and we all had a massive night at ‘Aussie Bar”. I didn’t get home till about 4am. The following day I we all decided to meet up again and we went to a really nice beach called Lam Sing – the water was better (ie clearer) than Patong and it was less crowded. I got some mild sunburn, which is fine and hasn’t hurt me, and we bummed on the sun beds till about 5:30. The night saw us head out bar hopping, another night of drunkeness, playing new drinking games (”I have never”, “Shithead” and JENGA! – that’s right! Jenga is massive here!) where the tequila are HEAPS bigger than the 33ml shots you get back home. Another massive night and we got onto the subject of bungy jumping…. so after a lot of drinking and convincing from fellow sydney-siders, I decided to check it out with them the following day – today!

It was very spur of the moment stuff, and the jump was 60m – for $AU50 – yes mum, I can hear you saying something already. But I did it! After that we went back to Patong beach and chilled out on the sun beds again. Rob’s coming tomorrow so we shall see how the week unfolds! I’m hoping to hire some mopeds and riding down the Phuket coast for some great views and beaches!