Day 21& 22: Koh Samui, Thailand

Day 20:

So I left Patong (FINALLY) and caught a long 4 hour bus ride to Surat Thani (where the wharf is to take yout to most of the popular east coast islands) and then a 1.5 hour boat ride to Koh Samui. I met a group of Irish on their way to Australia, which was great because they made the bus ride so much faster. What astounds me is how the Irish all do this 1 year travel thing,where they drop everything and travel the world for a year! I love how the bus companies exaggerate these “VIP” buses that look like coaches on the posters but only end up being mini buses! Anyhow, as I jumped onto the boat and met Matt (a kiwi) who was en-route to Koh Pangan (full moon party) and we ended up sharing a room in a bungalow just off Chewang beach, saved a fortune by splitting the accomodation! He left and I just got a cheap single bed bungalow. I got to Chewang late, but still got to walk around and.. GET PIZZA HUT! It was crap, and it’s almost the same price as pizza in Australia – that was a disappointment.

Day 21:

Today was a day of nothingness, i sat beach side and read Michael Moore’s Stupid White Men (thanks Rob!) and watched as teh waves crashed onto the beach. I met some Aussie retirees who are settling down in Koh Samui, after living in the Gold Coast – thei nicknames are mum and dad, because they seem to talk to everyone as if they’re parents!! Anyhow, I sat around a bit more and met Mish and Mick, hehe both from Sydney and moving to Perth. We just started talking about random stuff and we decided to grab dinner and head into Chaweng town. I’ve realised that the best nights out are those that are not expected to be big! We ended up at a place called the Green Mango playing pool and drinking buckets – it ended up being a massive night of chiling with drinks next to some lady boys – YUCK. Got home at 5am and crashed

Day 22:

I woke up around 2pm, had originally planned a day trip but wasn’t feel too well. Again, sat beachside this time with some new buddies – Mish and Mick. We had a really really slow day and sat around doing NOTHING, all were hung over and was going to have a quiet one pre full moon.

Day 23:

Woke up to the chatter of Jeremy Higgs and Manny at my door! hehe So random, they arrived in the morning just in time for the full moon party, HOWEVER, typhoon Durian decided to smash the Koh Samui shores and the downpour was torrential. Again, we were trying to wait it out and see if the rain would subside, and after last years tragic trip across to Koh Pangan, no one wanted to take any risks.

to be contined… no moolah

oh yeah! Dino, Michael and John from big brother were staying at my resort heh