From concept to realisation – Deloitte Leadership Acamdey

So work has launched it’s Leadership Academy which is effectively “a unique online learning management and networking solution that develops the management and leadership skills of Senior Executives and connects them within a community of business leaders”. I was a part of the early stages of requirements gathering and vendor selection and found the process quite enjoyable – right up my alley. In true web 2.0 way,  I did a landscape analysis and found (not surprisingly) Atlassian’s Confluence to be the best platform.

I like seeing my work actually drive a concept and realise it into something material – great job!


Social Networking, Collaboration, Innovation and Sustainability – ALL IN ONE!

At work we have a portal that is called Innnovation Zone. In summary, it’s basically a place where ANY employee can post up an idea, where it be something that can generate business or just as a method to improve operational effectiveness. Many businesses have these, a list of which can be found here, where these businesses talk about success (and sometimes not so successful) implementations. I’ve been using “The Zone” quite frequently putting up some general ideas about where we can go as a buiness. In particular, a few weeks ago we had “Sustainability Week”, where there were Innovation Cafes (tables of people working on specific questions, every 10 minutes we change tables to either present your answers or improve existing ones) and the aim of these cafes was to generate as many opportunities possible for the business to improve both operationally and as means to develop some new ‘go to market’ ideas.

So I put down more than a few sustainability ideas, one in particular about carbon offsetting. So what? Well, I got this email last week from someone in our Papua New Guinea office saying that they had similar ideas and whether or not i’d like to develop a joint approach! Talk about collaboration! What’s amazing about this is that in a big business like mine, we often forget how networked it can become – crossing all boundaries. Even more interesting is how this person had direct contact with Tim Flannery and was actively working with him.

Now if this isn’t an example of innovation, collaboration and network capabilities I don’t know what is! As ‘Charlie’ said, “If people don’t know what you can do, why would they ask you to do it? ADVERTISE YOURSELF”. It’s really great to see my employer embracing social networking, but there is still a lot more to be done.

Innovation studies

Looks like innovation is gaining moment in the professional services space. Check out this article from Boston Consulting Group: Click Here

Virgin Blue: Flight Booking Features

So I booked a flight to Melbourne yesterday for the boxing day sales and New Years (YAY) but I came across 2 innovative features which made the experience so much betteer.

Export to outlook: Great feature and really handy for someone like me who swears by his Outlook diary. I was just thinking, ‘damn I should put this is my diary’ when the button came up!

Carbon offset: another example of how serious big businesses are looking at sustainable workpractices.

Innovation: Transparent Business Models

So I’ve been having a look at how businesses are becoming innovative in the marketplace of late and have had a revelation. With the emergent growth of ‘innovation zones’, ‘idea spots’ and ‘knowledge exchange’ it’s become clear that businesses are looking at introducing, sharing and driving new initiatives within the business – from the grass roots. Great, but where is the next real value going to be driven from? CUSTOMERS

Customers driving product change, just like‘s knowledge exchange & Atlassian‘s developer community. These succcessful businesses have built their models on co-opetition – where they can show not only customers, but competitors alike their innovative ideas. Big banks collaborating with customers to develop new products. How do you think a bank can compete against social lending? Social lending works on trust and collaboration!