Day 42: Hoi An II, Vietnam


Christmas eve in Hoi An was quite frantic, it became the official day of refits. We ran around to all the shops that we had visited the day before where the orders were made – because Rosh and I slept in, Yaly gave our hotel a courtesy call and tried to wake us up, heh. That didn’t work too well, we ended up getting to the refit an hour late. So I ended up buying 3 suits, 2 jackets and a tailor made bag. The most interesting thing that was purchased was a pair of custom made Tigers that Jeremy picked up, they were inverse Kill Bill style with a nice pattern for the black, rather than black leather – very cool. My final refit was at Yaly and it was around 9pm (on Christmas Eve) when we heard some crazy music pumping in the background. They invited us to their Christmas party and it was going off, heh. We got some initial weird looks but they invited us with open arms! The locals put a case of beer in front of the 4 of us and we sat there watching the karaoke, dancing and eating. The party ended quite early, around 12, because all the tailors had to get up for work the next day. After the Yaly party we walked to some pub around the corner and shot some pool.


Day 41: Hoi An, Vietnam

So we got up at 4 am to catch a Vietnam Airlines flight to Danang airport (our times been cut short and we couldn’t do trains) en route to Hoi An. Everything went smoothly and we arrived early to be greeted by a wanker taxi driver who wouldn’t take us to the destinations that we wanted to go to. We would point to his meter and he was insistent that it didn’t work, so we fired up and found some people who could translate for us and explain things to him. After settling down we strolled down the road for some breakfast (Pho and Caphe Suda) and checked out some shops afterwood.

Hoi An, being the tailoring capital of Vietnam (and renowned around the world) became our one stop shop for suits and suit jackets. I entered some Indochine tailor which was okay, fabrics weren’t bad and was priced at around $US100. I didn’t realise how shit actually were until we did a little research (well, mainly Rosh) and we found Yaly – they were really helpful and did a great job fitting me out.

Will trying on a jacket

And that’s how we spent the whole first day, in different tailors figuring out what we were going to buy!