Day 40: Halong Bay II


We got up fairy early this morning for some breakfast and then a visit to some floating markets – yet another commission based stop for these tourist agencies, heh. Here’s the view:


We headed straight home after that and ended up in Hanoi late afternoon. We had arranged to meet with Mark and Danni for some dinner, as they had never ventured very far from their hotel, but they didn’t show up? Oh well, we hit some more street food (Hu Thieu) and wandered up the street markets hoping to pick up some bargains. Rosh got some sunnies at a really cheap price, around 1/4 of the original price and then we hit some Bia Hoi for our last night in North Vietnam. We had an earlyish night because we had to get up at 4am, so we got back to our hotel at around 12.


Day 39: Halong Bay I


After a big night out and getting back to the room a bit woozy, I had to get up early so we could catch the bus and boat to Halong Bay. It was about a 1 hour bus ride before we arrived at Vietnam’s richest city (because of the discovery of coal mines). We got on the boat expecting it to be overcrowded with heaps of other tourists, but it was empty! Our boat only had 7 people on it, 4 of which were me, manny, jem and rosh! There was an English couple, Danni and Mark and some random scando. We started the day with a great meal, something like 6 dishes – yummo. First stop was to do some Kayaking, it was pretty cool but harder than we thought. We entered a cave and sat sorrounded by the gorges of Halong – truly spectacular.

Penis rock:


This scene of tranquilty was SMASHED by the sound of a speedboat. As the boat moved past Rosh and I yelled out “Konichua”, thinking they were Japanese. The sound of “We’re Korean” came back and had a great laugh – making us almost fall off our kayaks. We got back after the Kayak ride and decided to go in for a dip, well Mark and I did heh. We launched ourselved from the top of our 2 level junk boat and crashed into the water, it was great! We did it again and again heh.



After a hot shower we got into some more food, after that we sat down and had a few drinks – I had to buy a bottle of whisky which was marked up x 4 – literally.

Travel Advice: Whenever you’re on a boat, on a island, or whenever you’re at the mercy of agents – BRING YOUR OWN ALCO. They have massive mark-ups!

We sat around till 12, Rosh, Danni and I just talking about random stuff from home. We slept the night away