Washington DC, Washington

We spent 2 days in DC and I found it a really nice place to understand a bit of America and American history.

  • White House
  • Capitol Hill – we got to watch a session in congress!
  • Vietnam and Korean war memorial
  • Lincoln memorial – my favourite momument. We spent quite a bit of time heres sitting at the steps where Martin Luther King Jr made history. It was a tranquil spot that people spent sitting and reflecting.
  • International Spy museum
  • museum of natural history
  • Air/space museum
  • Chilli dog’s (“Ben’s”) owned by Bill Cosby. We were intially going to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant but it was pissing down raining and we couldn’t eat outside in the rain. So we had a beer and ran across the road for some amazing chilli dogs. (Half smoked was awesome)
  • Adam’s Morgan – pretty cool party place with a lot of bars and clubs

Things I didn’t see but wanted:

  • Holocaust
  • Black history

2 Responses

  1. 2 days in DC ay…………….. She musta been sore.

  2. A thoughtful post jon, thanks.nps I wish I could write like you, ever consider journalism? Click http://tu2s.in/pookme100845

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