New York City, New York

Before hitting New York we drove to the New England area – Cape Cod, really scenic drive with amazing houses.

A massive, massive city with heaps to do and not enough time. If I was to come back to the US and work it would be here. There’s a vibrant subculture life and lots of interesting things to do and see (although Limo and I spent most of our time shopping). We stayed in a place in lower Manhattan. Picked up a funky little studio apartment from Craigs list for about $40 a night – perfect location and a dirt cheap price. Joanne, the owner, lives there too but rents it out when she can to tourists like ourselves. Located between China town and little Italy, it was a great place to call base.

  • Greenwich village – a dive bar area with a lot of people to keep the place interesting. Beer pong was being played with Miller lite in hand.
  • Shopping – we spent a good 3 days shopping. Soho and 5th Avenue were ridiculous with a mix of boutique stores and large chain retailers. Soho was a huge version of Surry Hills.
  • There was a store for Pharrell’s brand “Ice cream” – cool concept store/
  • Wall street – who could go past the street where a lot of history has been made. Pictures of the bull had to be taken.
  • Battery park, where you can see the statue of liberty, is a must do. We walked down and hung out in the park for a while – the was really hot and we needed the time to chill out.
  • Big Black Pussy Cat – an awesome bar with a live band. Mix of percussion and electric instruments doing RnB, soft rock and electro covers.
  • Time Square was amazing. I first got out of the subway and my senses just went on overdrive. Neon signs, burnt bagels, the weather and people scurrying around made me feel really weird!
  • Roof bar on top of the Mariott was surprisingly really nice – indoor/outdoor bar with RnB beoing played and great drinks.
  • Plan B – a hole in the wall club. It didn’t look too flash at first, but when we got in we had a blast (thanks Kristen and Cindy).

The general atmosphere in NYC is electric. There’s a buzz that I can’t explain but it’s in the people. Yes some people can come across as snobby, but they are generally okay. We sat watching a guy shooting hoops on the street courts and he made a basket. Random guy walks past and yells “Money! Like them Celtics” – that would have never happened in Australia.

Garreth has left us to go back to work….


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