Things I love and things I loathe about the US (so far..)


  • Free wireless internet, almost ANYWHERE – yes, I am a nerd.
  • Touchless toilets and toilet seat covers – the taps, hand towel dispensers and the flush system is completely touch free (all run on sensors)
  • Texan hospitality – we met a lot of people in Austin and Houston, and they took time out of their lives to take us out. Thanks to Patricia, Thuanly, Vivien, Grace, Chris, Jamie, Nancy, Cameron and Ashley – it was the people that made Texas one of the best places I’ve been to so far
  • Satellite radio – almost 100 channels of music by genre on Satellite frequency. It shat all over my ipod
  • The tipping system – you either hate it or love it. Personally, I think it’s a great system that makes great customer service
  • Factory outlets – more on my shoppin adventures later.
  • Whole foods – awesome food outlets that are stocked with healthy organic food
  • How everyone loves our Aussie accent


  • Frat boy / Sorority girl attitude – they really do think their sh1t dont stink
  • Regular retail price does NOT include taxes
  • Food – the difficolty in getting healthy food is ridiculous
  • Watching parents feed their kids with jumbo sized cokes at 8/9am

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