Shopping adventures of Will


  • Dress shirt and leather jacket

Banana republic:

  • Dress shirt
  • Trousers (for the wedding)
  • 2x basic T’s
  • Onitsuka’s
  • Zoo York T


  • True Religions (Great value!)
  • AG’s

Urban outfitters:

  • Haviana’s
  • Hooded Cardi

College stuff:

  • T-shirts from Berkley, USC, University of Texas (UT), Harvard
  • UT sweat pants
  • Samonite Duffel (the best buy!)
  • Abercrombie & Fitch sweater
  • GAP College boy shorts

Wish list:

  • Work, dress (black and brown) and running shoes
  • Matching belts forshoes
  • More college shirts (Harvard?)
  • Boston championship T-shirt
  • Dress Jacket
  • Apple Mac Mini

One Response

  1. Brother! Sounds like you need another suitcase… (either that or a purse to match your shopping habit).

    Nice work on the Banana Republic stuff, careful now or you’ll come back to Syd a seemingly ‘conservative’ frat boy!

    Missing ya heaps, enjoying the blogs, keep on postin. And tell Limo to stop getting so red – hold your alcohol biyatch! hehe… when you turkeys hitting NYC??

    Been traveling a shyteload for work this month, getting a little tired of it. In my hotel room (Yogyakarta, Indo) as I type this…

    Oh and tell me, are you starting to overpronounce your R’s and A’s? –> Instead of “Arse” its “Ass”; instead of “Nasty” its “Naasty”??

    Hopefully hear from you soon dude. Take care!

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