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Newest in Plain English: Google Docs

Digital Politics

 Google’s launched an election site for the Australian Federal Election:

The Google 2007 Australian Federal Election site offers links to YouTube videos from Australian political parties, a Google Maps mashup that provides House of Representatives electoral information by seat, and “election gadgets” that provide previous statements made by MP’s and Senators, Google News feeds and a Google Trend feature that tracks mentions of parties and issues. Data can also be viewed in Google Earth. Techcrunch

Top End of Town (TEOT) Paying Attention to Web 2.0?

You think that the TEOT isn’t paying attention or embracing to Enterprise 2.0?

“Morgan Stanley has 70 to 80 Web 2.0 projects underway, many involving creating online communities with clients and wikis”

and at Pfizer

“small band of Web 2.0 champions, who met over lunch to develop plans for the Enterprise 2.0 efforts, held a week-long conference for company employees last November to discuss how blogs, wikis and social networking could be used at Pfizer. There were 300,000 hits on the conference web site, which broadcast the event live, and offered blogs and podcasts to employees worldwide.”

Facebook Niche Market?

I just had the realisation that Facebook has tapped a niche market that needed to be filled – something that, now that I think about it, Google should have hit first. So the guys from Facebook think that they’ll get everyone on the world onto it in the next 2-3 years, talk about the worlds white pages!

Update:  allfacebook.com had this realisation aswell =/

Is the Internet Dead and Boring?

I just subsrcibed to Mark Cuban’s blog and found some really interesting reads. What caught my eye was “The Internet is Dead and Boring” and “The Internet is Still Dead and Boring” articles. I thought to myself “how can the Internet be dead if we use it every day to surf, do work and find out wtf is going on in this world”. Being Gen-Y I’ve seen a lot of changes to the Net and was fortunate enough to experience it from the mid-1990s till now. So what really got me thinking?

“Some people have tried to make the point that Web 2.0 is proof that the Internet is evolving. Actually it is the exact opposite. Web 2.0 is proof that the Internet has stopped evolving and stabilized as a platform. ”

You know what? It’s true. The Internet is becoming a platform for people to DO work. Yes we become more productive but at the end of the day, I see Web 2.0 technologies in a new light – the one where I envisage big businesses adopting these technologies (eg. my CapGemini post). Something like Google Reader has taken all the fun out of scouring the sites which I love to visit. Maybe it’s because I don’t get to see the flashy pages any more. If you are reading this post via an RSS feed you might not know that I’ve reskinned my page!

BTW: Cuban’s blog is awesome, have a read if you’ve got some time

Google Reader for Dummies

So everyone at work has been asking me about Google Reader after I gave my presentation at Links. This is how you set it up!