Facebook: Really $5BN waste of time?

SMH’s article details Facebook’s $5 billion waste of businesses money.

How did they come up with this number? Well, their rationale is that there are 800,000 businesses in Australia and at least 1 person is an active user of Facebook. Pity there are only 224,000 Australian members.

Funny how the company that did the research SurfControl are in the business of web and email blocking…


Innovation: Transparent Business Models

So I’ve been having a look at how businesses are becoming innovative in the marketplace of late and have had a revelation. With the emergent growth of ‘innovation zones’, ‘idea spots’ and ‘knowledge exchange’ it’s become clear that businesses are looking at introducing, sharing and driving new initiatives within the business – from the grass roots. Great, but where is the next real value going to be driven from? CUSTOMERS

Customers driving product change, just like Salesforce.com‘s knowledge exchange & Atlassian‘s developer community. These succcessful businesses have built their models on co-opetition – where they can show not only customers, but competitors alike their innovative ideas. Big banks collaborating with customers to develop new products. How do you think a bank can compete against social lending? Social lending works on trust and collaboration!