Day 6: Siem Reap (Angkor Wat I)

Today was my first day exploring the world heritage listed, wonder of the world, Angkor Wat. We began the day waking up at 4:30am in an attempt to catch the early morning sunrise (as per the advice from Rob), it was ammmaaazing! But! The biggest gripe I had about this place was the friggen tourists, Japanese and Korean in particular. Sure enough I am a tourist, but the bus loads of people couldnt shut the fuck up. Sitting there I was trying to catch a few snaps and absorb the experience, yet I was interupted by the banter of no less than 600 Japanese/Korean tourists. I did get a few nice pics but I’m still fiddling around with my camera (Ixus 65) and working out how to get the best configuration for different types of images.

We moved on to Bayon, one of my favourite temples which has the faces of either the king or a buddha of some sort – one of my fave temples. We spent around 2 hours in that temple alone, got some great pics there. Then, we made our way into Angkor Thom, the biggest temple in angkor wat. The climbs to the top were very steep, making the trip down even worse. We got some spectaclar views and some cool breezes to freshen up the 35+ degree temps here.

We moved on to Ta Prohm, the jungle temple, which had scenes from tomb raider in the movie. This was really specatuclar. There were trees that had root systems in and around the temple walls and grounds. We did heaps of temples that day and I dont think i cbf going through all of them. Some interesting things things to note though.
* There are a shitload of beggers in the temple, the temple costs $US20 p/day to get into, and there are around 3000 visitors a day – you’d think that they could help these people.
* I told some Japanese tourists to fuck off and wait in line, man they’re so inconsiderate to everyone. One jap guy dropped something, I was telling him and calling out to him heaps of times, and he ignored me, I knew he could hear me. Then he kissed my ass when I handed it to him.
* Met some backpackers on the top of some random temple, we were just chilling and they were telling us about how vulgar aussies are, apparently one of them got attacked by a cub bear in laos, suck shit.
* Got to know some aussies in our guesthouse bar, we headed off to Cambodian Bbq together (yes, like Korean bbq, its all you can eat for $US3), they told us a few tips and tricks! If you go to a third world country and dont want to get hassled by kids, bring those soapy bubble things, you can bring their innocence back when theyre hassling you by blowing bubbles in the air!!
* One horror travel story, one of the Aussies was sleeping-gasssed in thailand on a bus and got robbed, they were nice enough to just take cash though – considerate thieves with morals, who would of thought!


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  1. Phemnneoal breakdown of the topic, you should write for me too!

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